About us – the history

The choir that brings a touch of Africa

Lyrics praising the glory and goodness of God!
Melodies that express feelings, appeal and let the spark pass!
Rhythms that pass into the blood and turn the rigid into motion.
Music as an expression of a living faith, which rouses and calls for participation in the communion of God.
The speech here is of the fascination of African and international praises, from which singers (of all ages and faiths) have been castigated and moved into the NENO choir of the parish of St. Johannis in Rödental – Oeslau.

The Choral Name – NENO

The name of the choir “NENO” comes from the Kisuaheli – the national language of Tanzania. Neno means “word” and derives from “Neno lake mungu”, the word of God.
It should express what I want to carry on with our singing.
The word of God

The basic idea – the emergence

The NENO-choir in Rödental came about thanks to the idea and dedication of pastor Bernd Grosser and guest pastor Green Mwakibete from Tanzania, who first called to sing along in October 1998 to form the NENO-Choir.

Green Mwakibete – the “Baba” (father) of the choir – wanted to make a contribution to international understanding with African and international songs and, above all, to maintain the bond and partnership with his native Tanzania.

Even the fact that it would be unthinkable in Africa to celebrate a service without a choir led to this foundation.

The NENO-Choir continues this intention even after the return of the Mwakibete family (July 2002).
It was taken over by our fellow singer, Dr. Ing. Jürgen Hennicke the choir direction.
From October 2009 to July 2010, fellow singer Edeltraut Freigang continued to provide the good sound in the choir, so to speak.
At the end of 2010, our former deacon Markus Christ continued the choral direction.
With these choir directors, the choir learned many of the sweeping, but also quiet and contemplative songs from Africa.
From September 2012 Gary O’Connell joined us as choirmaster.

An Irishman who conducts a German choir who sings African hymns in the original African languages, that’s interesting … is not it?

catchment area

The NENO Choir is a “multi-communal” choir and lives ecumenism.
Its members not only come from our parish Rödental / Oeslau, but also the whole deanery Coburg, as well as from the neighboring deaneries around Rödental.
Although we are the choir of the ev. Luth congregation St Johannis Rödental – Oeslau, not all of our members are also members of the ev. Luth church.

Everyone is welcome to us.